About us

My School Stationery is a complete online solution that helps parents and schools to easily acquire their back to school class stationery needs.

We provide a complete online solution for back to school stationery.  You can order your full class list online now, or if your list is not set-up on our site already you can email the list to us (admin@myschoolstationery.com.au) and can fullfill the order and post it to you.

You can order each of your children’s class stationery list that has been specified by your child’s school in 4 easy clicks.  It is also possible to amend (or even add/remove) item quantities at the time of checkout. The stationery is then delivered to the registered or specified delivery address.  We aim to deliver within four days of ordering, but delivery times may change depending on demand – so we recommend ordering sooner rather than later.

The aims of the site is :

  • Freedom of Choice : We offer parents the highest quality and service levels along with transparency and convenience.
  • Quality : To provide students the best quality products.  By achieving this aim students, teachers ad parents will have confidence in knowing that they are using reliable products which may assist in their overall performance.
  • Environment : To improve the environmental impact that school stationery can cause.  This is achieved by focusing on quality products, as well as reducing the requirement for individuals to make several journeys to acquire the contents of each stationery list.
  • Cost :  We aim to provide the products to students for cheaper than what they can typically acquire across their stationery list, including travel and time spent in the shops.  The cost savings are achieved by not paying retail rent and by mainly operating as a full online business
  • Innovation :  Our innovative solutions helps parents, students and teachers.  We continue to monitor the products that we supply to ensure that they are the most appropriate.
  • Community : We aim to be an involved party of the school community.

We hope you enjoy the service – we would love to hear your feedback.