Do I have to register to view the class stationery list or to order?

No, there is no requirement to register in order to use this website.

How secure is my contact information?

We store the minimum data that we require to process your orders.  We may use the data to provide you with relevant updates about your specific order, or our business, for example if school lists become available, or we modify our order processing or change payment methods.  We aim to ensure that your data is safe guarded at all times.  It will not be passed to third parties or entities outside of My School Stationery.  Also it is worth noting that My School Stationery does not store your payment details in any manner, as this is all processed through Paypal.

Can I just email my child’s class stationery list to you?

Yes, of course.  We will then respond with an order template listing all of the goods that we recommend to complete your order, with an automatic payment link which will allow you to easily pay on paypal or using visa/mastercard.  Once we have recieved payment and an agreed order we normally compete the processing in 3-5 days.

I can’t find my childs school/class on the dropdown list, what should I do?

This may be either because we have entered the name of your school incorrectly into our system or that the school is not yet set-up.  In that instance the best solution is to email us a copy of your school class stationery list.

Once I’ve selected my school/year and Get List what is this following screen showing me?

This screen is used to store the actual current stationery list that is used by your school, and to provide any other notes that the school has provided.  By clicking “Add all items to cart” the user is brought to another screen where they can amend/add/delete stationery order items.

Do I have to buy all the items on the class stationery list?

When you are presented with your stationery list (at the checkout stage) you can remove or add items, and adjust quantities as required.

I have three kids, can I order for all children at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to keep adding each childs list to your basket and only checkout once.  In such an instance you will recieve your order as a single package to your delivery address.

I have three kids, can I order seperately?

Yes, simply checkout and pay seperately for each child.  If the orders are within the same day and they have the same delivery details we will ship them together in seperate packs.

How do I clear my cart?

At the top right hand corner of each screen click on the  ‘clear cart’ hotlink to remove all items from cart.

Does Myschoolstationery substitute brands of goods from that is ordered?

Myschoolstationery reserve the rite to substitute items on the list from those ordered by the customer.  This is always done on the basis of matching of quality.  Any differences in price will be discussed with the customer via phone or email to arrange payment/refund.

Where and when do you deliver the stationery items?

We provide home delivery, or to a preferred address within Sydney.  Most orders will be filled within 3-5 working/business days, but in busy periods this may take a bit longer.  We will keep you updated of the progress of the order.  When the order has been delievered you will recieve a ‘Completed Order’ email detailing the goods that have been delivered.  We also provide a follow-up feedback mail if you have any comments.

How can I pay for my order?

You can use paypal which supports credit card payment.  Paypal is an independent company owned by EBAY.  More details can be found on their site.  https://www.paypal-australia.com.au/personal

Can I track my order on your site?

Yes, when you are logged in we provide a current status of your order.  Prior orders can also be viewed.  You can also pay an order which you have not already paid from this screen.

I don’t want one of the items that you have recommended from the class stationery list, can I change it?

If you want to change an item on the list you can ‘bin’ the item at checkout and then order other products from the ‘browse’ products section of the site.  And, if the product that you are looking for isn’t on the site please let us know, and we can order it for you.

I want to order a specific colour or an item.  Can you please advise on how I note my colour preference on items?

When you using the online ordering the best way to inform us of your colour preference on a particular item is in the order note, at the time of check out.  For example, “female colours please”, or “plastic folder in green”.  On some stock items there may be a feature option dropdown e.g. for colour or size.

Do I need to cover my exercise books?

This is normally requested by the school or specifically mentioned on your class stationery list if required.  Where we provide contact on the order list, that is normally a good indication that you should cover the exercise book.

Do you provide a labelling service?

No, not at this time.  However, it is recommended by most schools that you label your goods.

Where does myschoolstationery source their goods from?

We order our stationery either directly from the manufacturer’s Australian office/depot or through well established Australian stationery wholesalers.

Does My School Stationery have any product ordering standard?

My School Stationery is aligned to the best interests of the teachers and students.  Therefore we aim to provide good quality at the right price.  We do not provide gimicky or quirky products, for example some branded stationery specialists, or things which may be a distraction in class, like connector coulouring pens.  This is in line with feeback that we recieve directly from teachers.

How are My School Stationery items priced?

We believe that including the online ordering, the fact we deliver to your home and the range of products we provide we will not be beaten on price across our recommended class basket of goods.  My School Stationery prices can change at short notice, because of variation in supplier prices, but prices will not change once you have placed your order.

How do I learn about new changes that My School Stationery will be introducing?

We recommend that you ‘like us’ on facebook.  

What is the quality of the goods that you provide?

Myschoolstationery aims to stock only high quality, well recognised brands.  This assists parents in knowing that their children are only being supplied with products that are manufactured to a high standard.  For some school we offer two grades of stationery supplies, one which is a high quality (called standard) and the other which is a collection of well known brands and that is called Premium.  Standard allows parents to save money while retaining quality.

What happens if Myschoolstationery basket does not contain all of the items on the printed school list?

It is important that you review your final order ‘checkout cart’ as sometimes there may be discrepancies in the school list and what is in your cart.  There are several reasons why this may occur, but it remains the responsibility of the customer to verify that they are happy with what is in the basked – Myschoolstationery are only committed to delivering the items from the cart which are paid for by the customer.

I have a question but it is not answered through the information provided on your website?

Please email us at support@myschoolstationery.com.au, and we will answer your question asap.  We do update the FAQ when we recieve new questions so your feedback and questions are appreciated.